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    Bonaire picturesLocation: 50 miles north of the Venezuelan coastline.
    Size of the island: 112 Square miles - 24 miles long, 3-7 miles wide.
    Capital: Kralendijk
    Language: Dutch, Papiamentu
    Population: 15,000

    The language widely spoken is Papiamentu, an interesting mixture of Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish English, French, native Indian and African dialects. Papiamentu is widely spoken in Bonaire, Aruba and Curacao.

    Money and Currency
    The official currency of the island is The Netherlands Antilleas Guilder (commonly known as Florin, therefore the abbreviation NAFl.) but many places accept US dollars, since the exchange rate is fixed (1 USD equals about 1.75 NAF). Some business also accept credit cards and travellers checks, but make sure beforehead if that is the case, passport will be required. The ATM machines are in all major towns.

    Hotels and accommodations
    There is a variety of hotels which mostly cumulate in and around the capital town of Kralendijk. You can also opt for holiday apartments or private condo villas which are suitable for larger groups.

    Bonaire pictures
    See a few holiday pictures from Bonaire, including shots from the turtle reservation.

    Entry requirements (See

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